Fund Performance

Past performance cannot be indicative of future performance.

Name of the Fund Identification Code SRRI Innitial Date Currency NAV Price/Unit 5Y(%) 3Y(%) 2Y(%) 1Y(%) Valuation Date
Albsig Voluntary Pension Fund FP 4 1 04/02/2020 ALL 97,324,629.88 1,023.6845 - - - 2.01% 13/05/2021
Albsig Standard Investment Fund FI-B5 2 14/02/2020 ALL 141,454,078.72 1,022.5708 - - - 2.60% 13/05/2021
Name of the Fund Albsig Voluntary Pension Fund Albsig Standard Investment Fund
Identification Code FP 4 FI-B5
Innitial Date 04/02/2020 14/02/2020
Currency ALL ALL
NAV 97,324,629.88 141,454,078.72
Price/Unit 1,023.6845 1,022.5708
5Y(%) - -
3Y(%) - -
2Y(%) - -
1Y(%) 2.01% 2.60%
Modified Duration
Valuation Date 13/05/2021 13/05/2021

*SRRI is a synthetic risk and return indicator which is used to capture the volatility of the rate of return of the fund. It ranges between 1 and 7(1 stands for lowest risk and 7 the highest risk). The Albsig Standard mutual fund has a synthetic risk and return indicator equal to 2, which is a low risk fund, but it doesn’t mean that the investment is without risk. Category 2, constitutes a synthetic risk calculated based on the volatility of the rate of the return of the fund. Because this calculation uses historical data, this synthetic indicator may change in the future, but this change is expected to be rare.

** 1 (Y) shows the rate of return of the last 12 months, 2 (Y) shows the rate of return for the last 2 years, 3 (Y) and 5 (Y) follow the same logic. Rate of returns are updated every month. 

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